.: 10DB Attenuator 150w max input.

My frind OZ2MA have a 1KW pa for vhf . the amplifire have a god gain 6W input give 1KW output currently the radio that he use a IC7400 (100w output on 144MHz).

The amplifire have a max input of 10W, to avoid damage to the amplifire by to high input power a 10DB attenuator vhere neded and handle Min. 100W

Attenuator Rp= 100ohm Rs = 68ohm 


   standart filter


DK1RM - Abschw�cherberechnung DK1RM - Abschw�cherberechnung
Impedanz [Ohm]:
D�mpfung [dB]:
Rs: [Ohm]
Rp: [Ohm]
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